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ComEx is a community of independent experts in financial and administrative management who work on our clients' missions. Each member is the result of a rigorous screening adapted to the criteria and needs of our customers. 

Joining ComEx means benefiting from a network of experts in finance and startup management. Whether you are looking for a freelancer or you are one yourself, our community will be a major asset for your professional growth.


An exclusive network managed by Exoqua

A pipeline of assured missions

A supportive infrastructure and tools adapted from Exoqua

Damien D.

"Based on nearly 10 years of experience in accounting and management control, in finance departments of all sizes, I position myself as the privileged partner of VSE / SME managers in optimizing their profitability and development "

Experience: 10 years

Expertises: FP&A, Strategy, Accounting & Management Control

Level of studies: Bac +5

Languages: French, English, Portuguese

Patric P.

"Privileged partner of Executives and CODIR for 17 years in Financial and Transverse Direction, I position myself as Conductor of the Administrative and operational planning of their companies in their growth and development objectives."

Experience: 17 years

Expertises: FP&A, Management Control, Audit, Accounting

Level of studies: Bac +5

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Photo Raphaelle.jpg

"Le sérieux et la rigueur de l’expert-comptable, alliés à l’adaptabilité et la créativité du nomade.
Spécialiste du chiffre depuis 15 ans, je m'intéresse tout particulièrement à la restitution d’information afin de la rendre lisible et accessible aisément.
J'ai à cœur d’apporter à votre entreprise, quelle que soit sa taille, des outils modernes de gestion et d’exploitation de données."

Expérience: 15 ans

Expertises: FP&A, Audit, Taxes, Comptabilité, ERP

Niveau d'études: Bac +8

Langues: Français, Anglais, Espagnol

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