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Business Cases

# 1 Scalability support and financial monitoring


  •   After 7 months of relentless development, an entrepreneur and his tech team are finally launching their SaaS platform in the field of finance (fintech). The arrival on the market allows the company to generate its first income; and growth is rapid. In order to adapt to this growth and undertake new projects, the founder will notably have to recruit new employees in almost all departments (tech, sales, customer success, etc.), to go from 3 to 15 people. A first change of scale, a big challenge ... and a lot of uncertainties, especially with regard to finances. In fact, until now the founder had managed his finances on sight, and consequently his strategic decisions were taken in the short term. Growth, new customers, investments, evolution of its SaaS solution, such financial management is no longer sufficient to gain visibility and make medium-to-long term decisions. Not trained in financial management, he tries as best he can to maintain a forecast file and find the right KPIs. Inundated by administrative tasks, he feels that he is turning away from the product roadmap and that he is neglecting customer opportunities .


  • As a wise entrepreneur, he quickly felt that he needed a helping hand with his financial and administrative management. He therefore asked Exoqua (another good idea 😄). After discussing his needs in detail with him, we started by reviewing his growth strategy, and by setting up a project to reorganize his processes and tools (invoicing, collection, onboarding employees, etc.). We have reconstructed and updated a 24-month financial forecast file, cash reporting, and budgets. In short, we have done what is necessary so that this entrepreneur only has to concentrate on his job, his passion .
    surrounded by availability and proximity signed by Exoqua , incomparable to larger companies.

Results over a 10 month period:

  • Growth in turnover:  CAGR 93.8%

  • Runway (without pipe): 6.15 (+ 86.9%)

  • New customers: 12 (+ 140%)


# 2 The financial ax for innovative companies: what if I had to stop my R&D project for lack of funds?


  • Funding a startup occupies the time (and mind) of its founders. When a startup has a technological project (a deeptech) within it, its future often depends on its R&D activities. Supporting an expensive, long, uncertain development generates a lot of stress for the founders. “What if I had to stop my development project, and jeopardize my company due to temporary lack of financial resources? How to overcome this course? ”. We hear these words from almost all of our clients. This was the case with these two co-founders of a startup in the energy sector. In the absence of turnover and significant funds, innovation aid is essential to support these R&D activities. But that these aids take time !! Impossible for our co-founders to devote the time necessary to improve the situation. They were also curious to know if they had explored all the avenues to pass this course?


  • Exoqua was able to help this promising startup see things more clearly. We started with a complete audit of the situation which aimed to (i) clarify the financing needs and the financial situation of the company, and (ii) identify the financing avenues that the company can act on, in this maquis of various and varied aids. The audit on the financial situation made it possible to gain visibility: how much time was left before being in a delicate / untenable situation? Was the equity capital optimized to maximize the financing to which the company could claim? We then studied all the options, and made all kinds of recommendations: by changing a few things, the company could claim, at equal cost, a greater CIR, not to mention that it had never made the effort. to apply for a rescript from Jeune Entreprise Innovation, allowing it to obtain significant exemptions from contributions on the salaries of R&D personnel. In addition, its accountant had never proposed to immobilize its development expenses, which makes it possible to limit the erosion of equity. Its equity, which was also improved by obtaining an honor loan for one of the founders, which made it possible to maximize the subsidy obtained from the BPI, following this Call for Projects to which the company has responded with our help. 


  • 15% increase in CIR following operational recommendations  

  • Doubling of equity

  • Obtaining a € 75k grant from BPI

  • 6 months of cash replenished to finalize developments

  • Final result: development and marketing on time, a healthy financial situation ... which was very popular with the recent fundraising which took place a few months after the launch.

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